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23 November 2014 @ 11:11 pm
Round 3 - Info & Themes  

Sign-ups are still open, click here.
Due date is December, 13th, as long as it's still the 13th somewhere in the world.

Sorry for the wait, we were busy and also hoping for new inscriptions, but let's post this before Christmas so as not to feel all Jack Skellington-esque...

Reminder about how this round works: For round 3 you haven't made any claim, you can icon any game you like and as many as you want as long as they all are horror games (you can check out wikipedia's horror games list to get ideas), games that rely heavily on a dark/oppressing/creepy atmosphere, or that feature monsters (and not friendly monsters, either). However, don't icon things that are too hardcore or triggering, use warnings, and ask us if you're unsure about an icon. You'll need to mention in your post what icon is from what game, so that we can tag accordingly and people might discover new games from your icons.

• Icons must be made for this challenge, by you
• All icons must fit the LJ standard and feature no animations
• Do not submit your icons to this post
• All icons must be finished before posting
• When posting, please leave 3 icons as a preview, not a banner. Also, you may post either here or on your journal/graph comm. If you post here, please use an lj-cut.
• Make sure the post where your icons are is unlocked, at least until the round is over
• No nudity. Cursing and violence are okay though (with appropriate warnings)
• All entries are moderated.
• Please use the provided table when posting your icons (you can edit it, but keep the order for the themes/category)
Do not tag your posts, mods will do that for you
• Please use this format for the entry title: Round # - your claim
• Questions? Ask them here :)


Themes: blood, ghost, death, scream, creepy, shadow, not quite human*, monster*, decay, threatening

Category: Journey in hell
Your 5 icons must show a progression by getting more and more horrific/dark/disturbing, starting by something mild. Feel free to explain in the post of your set if context is needed.

*not quite human: your icon must feature a humanoid creature, but that isn't really human (or isn't anymore).
*monster: as opposed to the previous theme, nothing human or human-like here.

Table code: