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Icon challenge community

Hello everyone!
This is a 20in20 (20 icons in 20 days) community for games, all gaming platforms included (it also means board games like Warhammer or card games like Magic The Gathering).


• Sign up with a single series/character/place for each round. You can't make the same claim for two rounds in a row. However, if you chose a whole series, you can take a character from the same series. For example, you can do Mass Effect, then Kasumi Goto/any other character.

• Only one icon maker can have a place/character/series per round. Same rule as above, if someone has already claimed Portal, you can always claim GLaDOS or another character from the game.

• All icons must be freshly made for the round. No previous work allowed.

• All icons must fit LJ standards, no animation. Cursing and swearing are allowed. No nudity. In general, please avoid questionable content, and ask if you aren't sure.

• Post only three teaser icons. If you're posting the entry on your  own journal/community, please make sure the entry isn't locked at least until the round is finished.

• Make sure you finished all your icons before posting.

• You may use fanarts for your icons, but credit the artist and put a link to the fanart in your post. Note that "Google" is not a source, neither are "DeviantArt", "Zerochan", "Tumblr" and so on without more information. If you don't know the source of an image you want to use, try Google's search by image, if you still can't find the original artist to credit them, don't use that image.

• The mods of this community are luorescence (main) and lilia_purpurea.

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